MARKaaS – Marketing as a Service

MARKaaS creates powerful Account Based Marketing programs, fuelled by insight and with measurable impact.
Through ABM we identify, profile and influence key stakeholders, build stronger relationships, accelerate closing opportunities and create a higher closing rate.
MARKaaS has developed a user friendly digital business intelligence platform with best-of-breed data-driven technology.

Our business intelligence platform
MARKaaS provides the critical intelligence to understand your audience, competitors and industry, producing actionable insight across your accounts. The MARKaaS platform arms you with competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, brand benchmarking reports, stakeholder mapping and profiles for specific accounts or clusters of accounts. So you know who to contact, why to contact them and what to say. You will have access to the data by means of a personalized log in.

Our Account Based Marketing programs
We build coherent programs to drive maximum engagement for your accounts, in order to enhance pipeline growth, deal velocity and a high winrate. Our programs include the complete range of awareness - education - consideration - decision and are elaborated into a coherent set of activities. We choose the most appropriate tactical engagement activities, online as well as offline, for example events, roundtables, linkedin campaigns etc. We believe in personalisation at scale, which we deliver through social and IP based advertising and account based selling. Through our programs we navigate the buyer journey of your target accounts, whether it is one to one, one to few or programmatic. We make the progress and outcomes visible on our business intelligence platform.

Our monitoring and report facilities
We design our ABM programs with tangible and meaningful metrics to continually measure the impact during the buyer journey of your targets. Our reporting framework is tailored around the specific needs of each client to ensure we track and report on the metrics that matter to your accounts and your business. We build interactive dashboards that your sales and marketing leaders can use for impact measurement across the ABM program.

The execution of our programs
The programs are executed in cooperation with your marketing and sales team. We can take the lead in the execution of the program, either we enable marketing and sales to execute (parts of) the program themselves.



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The Best of 3 Worlds

About MARKaaS

“It’s not about the transaction, but interaction over time”

MARKaaS is organising marketing around the customer with “outside-in” mentality by:

  • thinking: orchestrating the experience for the customer
  • feeling: telling the right story to the customer
  • doing: execution of the (ABM) plan

MARKaaS exist of a unique combination of account based marketing, marketing automation and growth marketing.