Engage with the right People

Your company wants to know the interest of your prospects and what are the biggest challenges and priorities. 

Identify and profile with personalized deep insights to build strong relationships with CIO’s


We help you build relationships with CIO’s of your most important prospects.

  • We deliver actionable customer insights and arrange engagement between your company and CIO’s resulting in quality ‘contact’ time between your company and CIO’s
  • We create relationships and arrange follow-up meetings for engaged CIO’s.


Your company has grown the business in NL by transaction oriented short-term Sales, mainly with IT departments. In order to continue the growth you want to build strong relationships with CIO’s to become a trusted partner and be well positioned for relevant projects within your prospects and increase the chance to retain or extend the business with them later.

To build strong relationships you need to identify the right persons, to know them as good as possible and meet with them to build a personal relationship.

How we help.

We set realistic goals for deliverables and agree metrics to monitor progress.

We identify the right CIO’s by defining an ideal customer profile or persona and match CIO’s against it.

We select the right event where most of the targeted CIO’s will attend,

We created a profile of the selected CIO’s that attend the event by our business intelligence platform.

From their profile we create the relevant messaging to invite them for a meeting during the event.

After the event we send a ‘thank you’ message and plan a follow-up meeting when appropriate.

During the project we monitor relationship quality (RQ) by measuring engagement time, reputation, authority and account importance

Results, ROI and Future

We are able to deliver more quality time than without the insights

For the engaged CIO’s a follow-up meeting is planned to establish a personal relationship

We plan to continue and nurture the other targets as well other created engagements with other stakeholders in the targets or other CIO’s of no targets.

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