One-to-one Account Based Marketing

Your company want to do more business with a specific large account.

More business and increase share of wallet at key customer by deeper insights, and stronger engagement with ABM.


Grow your business in one specific account by dedicated ABN program aligned with sales and their account plan.

With ABM

  • you understand the key stakeholders in the account to be relevant for them,
  • you build strong relationships with them who are involved in the buying process of your solutions,
  • you are able to find the opportunities in the account to increase your pipeline,
  • you influence and justify your solution in best possible way to accelerate deal closing
  • you become a trusted partner and have a higher win chance.


Your company has an important customer that has a great growth potential for you. You are committed to increase your share wallet with this company.

There are some relations with people in the account, but your company needs to become a trusted partner to grow the business in the account.

You need a tailor-made ABM program that build that trusted relationship and support your sales to achieve the goals of their account plan for this account and grow your share of wallet of the account.

How we help

To grow your share of wallet in a large complex account you have to build a trusted relation with the key stakeholders in the account and that takes time.

We develop a dedicated ABM program for over a year together with marketing and sales:

  1. Assessment with Sales to define current situation with account as starting point.
  2. Define gaps and white spaces of account profile and contact coverage
  3. Account research to create account profile to understand the account and find where the opportunities would be.
  4. Contact research for key stakeholders to find deep insights about their challenges and interests.
  5. Discuss / workshop with sales and marketing on the findings of account and key stakeholders to build insight and understanding of account and agree on approach and call to action for sales and marketing,
  6. Create and execute awareness campaigns from the outcome of workshop, aligned with account plan of sales to position proposition and educate key stakeholders,
  7. Create and orchestrate various engagement plays to the individual stakeholders to engage with them, influence their choice of solution and justify our solution,
  8. Monitoring and reporting of progress on engagement and buyer journey of key stakeholders.

Results, ROI and Future

  • New contacts in DMU’s mean better coverage
  • Improved RQ with more key stakeholders mean stronger relationship with account
  • Measure awareness by responses by stakeholders on activities
  • Measure impact of activities by focus and coverage of key stakeholders
  • Measure influence by consuming of content from events / downloads / webinars
  • Qualify leads to opportunities in the account (increase of pipeline)
  • Support deal development (accelerate deal closing)

Trusted relation by high RQ amongst all key stakeholders means a higher win rate

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