Optimal match and right approach

Your company seeks the optimal match with potential customers and the right approach that results in new opportunities.

Increase Sales opportunities in target accounts by account targeting program


Using an account targeting program we identify, profile the most appropriate audience and find out what topic is of interest.

We influence the buyer journey of the key stake holders in the accounts with tactical campaign about the topic of interest.

With a nurturing track we developed engagement with them and build a funnel of opportunities.


Your company is relatively new in a highly competitive market that is still dominated by number of big players.

Due to your limited resources on sales, limited local marketing and low brand recognition there is an urgent need to increase the funnel with new business opportunities.

How we help

Using the MARKaas business intelligence platform we first research what the interest amongst the target audience is for the key propositions.

We then define a so-called ideal customer profile (ICP) and create a target list of people who meet the ICP.

By evaluating the data, we design a tactical campaign around a specific topic where the target audience has demonstrated an interest in.

We produce a nurture track after targeting unknown contacts by social media, leading them to a webpage with specific content, inviting them for a round table that we organized and offering them in-depth information. All around the topic of interest.

The target list, tactical campaign and nurture track are facilitated by the MARKaaS platform to monitor progress and deliver a dashboard that shows outcomes and results.

Results, ROI and Future

From the target list of unknown IT decision makers 65% show interest and have downloaded specific content about the topic.

50% of the people that show interest, want to join the roundtable that only has limited seats available.

Therefore we organize a second event, to accommodate all requests.

We have 25% conversion to relevant follow-up conversations, and already some qualified opportunities.

Based on feedback by surveys we also see a boost in reputation of the company on the topic that will influence the buyer journey of these targets.

Due to the success and generated leads we continue the program by:

  • defining another target group to be targeted by social media,
  • execute a nurture track for the people who have shown interest, but are not yet sales qualified.

With this program we drive leads through the buyer journey and deliver more qualified opportunities.

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