Improve ROI of events

Your company has organized or participated in several events, but the returns are too low. Your company has to increase the ROI of your events.


Instead of organizing events stand-alone and ad-hoc we define a target account program in which the events are embedded, securing proper pre- and after event execution, setting the right expectation and building relationships with the right audience that results in qualified opportunities.


Your company organize or participate in number of high-quality conferences, seminars and roundtables to explore engagement and spot leads. But despite presence of the right audience the (sales) outcome of each of these events is far below expectation.

It is necessary to find a way to improve the outcomes and deliver much better ROI, otherwise you have to find other ways to engage with your target audience.

How we help

We start with (review on) the ideal customer profile (ICP).

We review the target accounts against the ICP to define your target account list.

The next step is a white space analyses to find the gaps in insights of the accounts and decision making units (DMU’s).

Using the MARKaaS business intelligence platform we find the necessary insights of the accounts and DMU’s and we define the total addressable market (TAM) for these accounts.

We develop an account-based marketing program for the buyer journey (awareness – education – consideration – decision) and aligned with the account plans from sales, including:

  1. events that are most appropriate to create outcomes and bring the accounts further in the buyer journey,
  2. metrics to measure outcome for each event and phase of the buyer journey,
  3. implementation of the buyer journey and metrics in the MARKaaS platform to be able to monitor progress and report outcomes to management

The next step is the execution of the program in close cooperation with sales.

We orchestrate the content, online channels and events during the buyer journey to drive outcomes on an individual basis as well on account level.

We deliver a dashboard to show the outcomes of events and the progress in the buyer journey.

Results, ROI and Future

The outcomes of events in terms of engagement time and follow-up meetings improve dramatically by

  • securing pre- and after event execution
  • setting the right expectation on outcomes
  • making the events part of an integrated account-based marketing program
  • implement better measurement and monitoring

These outcomes are on an individual basis but also aggregated on account level to show the readiness on account level.

The overall result is more qualified opportunities from significantly more outcomes from events that are an integrated part of an account-based marketing program.