Service Proposition

Modular Growth ABM Services Program:

Module 1: “Define & Target”:

1. Define Competencies, Propositions and MarTech Roadmap that you need for all experiences during the customer’s journey:

Competency & Responsibility:

  • RACI model for Sales and Marketing
  • White spot analyses Competencies
  • ABM checklist

Content & Propositions:

  • Content attributes during customer experience journey
  • Content Asset Management

Technology & Tooling:

  • Marketing function
  • Martech stack

2. Target the right prospect that match you proposition

  • Account plan / Vertical plan / Sales plan
  • White space analyse
  • Propensity modelling

Module 2: “Know your Prospect”

Build Account Profiles and Buyer Personas to know the right person(s)

  1. Using advanced growth marketing intelligence and search tools to find online data of your target audience
  2. Detailed insight of Accounts and Stakeholders
    1. Detailed Account Profiles including Stakeholder profiles and org chart / DMU’s (depending on account size)
    2. Buyer Personas:
      1. Job title (CIO, CISO)
      2. Biography
      3. Solution focus
      4. Buying Power
      5. Interests
    3. Enrichment of private data by ongoing search of public available data

Module 3: Experience Journey

Experience / Journey Plan:

Mapping of proposition, messaging and activities on customer experience:

  • Journey /w content playbook, engagement strategy
  • Digital and Life engagement strategy: Growth Marketing – ABM – MarTech
  • Define OMTM (=one metric that matters)
  • Build ABM plays for differents experience stages of prospect

Module 4: “Execution”

Execute Marketing Engagement plans with digital Growth strategy and accountable lead management:

  • DIY / Hybrid / Outsourcing
  • Enrichment ofg Account intell & customer profiling
  • Competitor analysis / piggybacking
  • Execution Buyers Journey & Roadmap:
  • Development of Customer outcomes

Module 5: Measure & Report

Build accountable Reporting and Account dashboards to show impact & results and optimize program:

  • Right tool (Google Data Studio, Klipfolio or Tableau)
  • Real time monitoring
  • Defined Dashboards
  • Integration with CRM (part of MKTF)
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MARKaaS Services

MARKaaS offers End-to-End Marketing services that are: 

1. Account based: ABM Methodology on 3 levels - One to One, One to Few (Vertical), Programmatic (Marketing automation)

2.Job specific: CIO, CDO, CISO, CMO 

3.Solutions focussed: solution owners  / Tech communities (e.g. Networking, Cloud, Security)

MARKaaS services are a unique combination of online data-driven and offline face to face execution

  • Growth Marketing:

Data-driven Online tooling for speedy ABM execution

  • Marketing Automation MarTech Digital Strategy:

Digital Platform with Ecosystem / Best of Breed marketing technology for each stage

Smart use of external tools / expertise / services

  • Life Engagement Strategy:

Face to Face Engagement programs: Events, RT’s etc. are integral part of customer journey 

Tooling (app) to activate visitors pre/during/after and secure datapoints in MKTF

Event Marketing: development and managing engagement with participants to spot and develop opportunities

The 5 stages of Marketing Acceleration